ProductLift vs Productboard

Ruben Buijs
Ruben Buijs
August 7, 2023
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ProductLift vs Productboard

In an era where user feedback shapes the success of products, choosing the right product management tool can give you a significant edge.

This comprehensive comparison between ProductLift and ProductBoard, two leading platforms in this domain, is designed to help you make an informed decision.

Let's take a detailed look at their offerings, prices, reviews, features, and more.

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ProductBoard is a comprehensive product management system designed for large and scaling organizations.

With an emphasis on organization and prioritization, ProductBoard helps teams align their objectives with their product strategy.

Their mission is clear: to help you create products that matter by providing an engaging, functional, and delightful product management system.


ProductLift brings a refreshing perspective to product development, facilitating the collection and organization of user feedback from diverse stakeholders.

No more guesswork – with ProductLift, you base your decisions on tangible insights from customers, teams, and stakeholders.

This platform enables you to create your product roadmap quickly, based on real-time, user-focused data.

With ProductLift, you're not just making products – you're crafting user experiences.

Feature Comparison

ProductLift offers a robust set of features, including user contribution without logging in, private boards, weekly reports, user profiles, internal comments, a prioritization matrix, a roadmap widget, API, Single Sign-On (SSO), custom statuses, vote on behalf, and custom CSS. ProductBoard, while also feature-rich, does not offer all of these capabilities.

Feature Comparison Table

ProductLift ProductBoard
Contribute w/o Logging In
Private Boards
Weekly Reports $80 per month
User Profiles
Internal Comments
Prioritization Matrix
Roadmap Widget
API $80 per month
Single Sign-On (SSO) Only in enterprise plan
Custom Statuses
Vote on Behalf
Custom CSS

Languages Comparison

ProductLift supports a plethora of languages, including 🇳🇱 Dutch, 🇨🇿 Czech, 🇬🇧 English, 🇫🇷 French, 🇩🇪 German, 🇮🇹 Italian, 🇪🇸 Spanish, 🇵🇱 Polish, and 🇵🇹 Portuguese, making it a versatile choice for teams worldwide.

ProductBoard also offers multilingual support with 🇬🇧 English, 🇩🇪 German, 🇪🇸 Spanish, 🇫🇷 French, 🇵🇹 Portuguese, 🇳🇱 Dutch, 🇨🇿 Czech, and 🇯🇵 Japanese.

Price Comparison

Both ProductLift and ProductBoard offer free trial periods for new users, with ProductLift offering 14 days and ProductBoard extending it to 15 days.

The starting price for ProductLift is $9, making it a highly affordable choice.

ProductBoard, on the other hand, comes with a starting price of $20, scaling up to $80 per month.


ProductLift scores impressively on review platforms, boasting a 4.9/5 on Capterra, 5/5 on Google, 4.4/5 on Trustpilot, and a 5/5 on G2.

It has also been recognized as a 'High Performer Small Business' by G2 in Summer 2023.

In contrast, ProductBoard has a 4.7/5 rating on Capterra, 3.2/5 on Trustpilot, and 4.3/5 on G2. It has been awarded 'G2 Leader Summer 2023'.


Do both platforms offer a free trial?

Yes, both ProductLift and ProductBoard offer free trials, for 14 and 15 days respectively.

Which platform has better reviews?

According to available data, ProductLift has higher review scores across various platforms.

Which tool offers more features?

ProductLift offers a wider range of features compared to ProductBoard.


While ProductBoard caters exceptionally to large-scale organizations, ProductLift emerges as a comprehensive, user-centric, and more affordable option, offering a rich feature set and exceptional review scores.

With its international language support, ProductLift ensures it caters to teams globally.

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