Managing tabs

Tabs are an essential part of ProductLift's setup. You see them at the top of the screen and help your user navigate your product portal.

Steps to create a new tab

  1. Go to Settings > Tabs and statuses

  2. Click the Add tab button

  3. Give your tab a name


  1. Enter the information about your tab
  • Page title: The header when the user opens the tab
  • Page description: The message below the header after opening


  • Menu title: The name of the tab in the tabs-bar
  • Menu subtitle: the subtitle below the menu title


  • Choose the display method for the posts on your tab
  • Choose a sorting option and more
  • Click Save at the bottom

Hiding the tab

Determine if you want to display this tab for your users. If not, then only admins can see it.

This can be useful for a moderation tab or review tab.


Adding statuses

Statuses are the glue that connects posts to tabs.
You don't need to set a status. For example, you can use the tab as an introduction page if you don't.


Click Add Status and provide a name for the status.

Now the status is available when you want to change the status of a post.

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Last updated: Mar 13, 2024