Custom (S)CSS

Matching the portal to your brand is vital for a seamless experience for your users.

You can determine several colors in Settings > Branding by default, but what if you want more customization?

This is super easy and hyper-flexible in ProductLift using custom (S)CSS.

Start custom designing

  1. Go to Settings > Branding

  2. Ensure to enable Custom styling

  3. Scroll down to the Custom (S)CSS box

Here you can add CSS or change elements.


You can design your portal by overriding the default variables.

An example:


Here is a list of the most regularly used variables. You just set them in the (S)CSS box to override them with a new value.

ProductLift uses the Bootstrap 4 library, so you can override any of their variables.

This is our default setting:

$primary: #0071e3 !default; 
$font-family-base: "Poppins",-apple-system,Helvetica,sans-serif !default;

// Menubar
$navbar-background-color: #ffffff !default;
$navbar-text-color: #495057 !default;

// Tabs
$navbar-brand-color: #3f4254 !default;
$navbar-tabs-color: #3f4254 !default;
$navbar-tabs-bg: #ffffff !default;

// Content
$body-bg: #f9f9f9 !default;
$body-color: #212529 !default;

// Cards
$card-bg: #ffffff !default;
$card-color: #3f4254 !default;

$secondary: #75ACC2 !default;
$green: #399c7e !default;
$red: #f44336 !default;
$warning: #b68b46 !default;
$info: #90CAF9 !default;
$font-size-base: 0.9rem !default;
$input-border-color: #e2e5ec !default;

$navbar-light-color: $navbar-text-color !default;
$navbar-light-active-color: $navbar-text-highlight-color !default;
$navbar-light-hover-color: $navbar-text-highlight-color !default;
$navbar-padding-y: 1.2rem !default;

$dropdown-link-hover-bg: darken($navbar-background-color, 10%) !default;
$dropdown-link-hover-color: $primary !default;
$dropdown-item-padding-y: 0.7rem !default;
$dropdown-link-color: $navbar-text-color !default;
$dropdown-bg: $navbar-background-color !default;
$dropdown-color: $navbar-text-color !default;

$text-on-white: #3f4254 !default;
$table-accent-bg: darken($card-bg, 2%) !default;

$modal-content-color: $card-color;
$modal-content-bg: $card-bg;
$modal-header-border-color: $card-bg;

$nav-tabs-link-active-color:        $card-bg !default;
$nav-tabs-link-active-bg:           $card-color !default;
$nav-tabs-link-active-border-color: $nav-tabs-link-active-bg !default;

$badge-font-size: 90% !default;
$badge-font-weight: 400 !default;
$badge-pill-border-radius: 0.5rem !default;
$popover-font-size: $font-size-base !default; /*Regular size for popover*/
$popover-header-padding-y: 1.3rem !default; // body is based on header
$popover-header-padding-x: 2rem !default;
$popover-max-width: 350px !default;
$btn-border-radius: 0.25rem !default;
$btn-border-radius-lg: $btn-border-radius !default;
$btn-border-radius-sm: $btn-border-radius !default;

$small-font-size: 90% !default;
$text-muted: lighten($card-color, 30%) !default;
$alert-border-width: 0 !default;
$input-placeholder-color: #BBBBBB !default;
$table-border-color: darken($card-bg, 10%) !default;
$table-color: $card-color !default;
$table-head-color: $card-color !default;

$padding-inside-container-cards: 1.5rem !default;

$card-border-radius: 0.5rem !default;
$card-border-width: 1px !default;
$card-border-color: #e4e7eb !default;

$list-group-color: $body-color;
$list-group-bg: $body-bg;

$breadcrumb-padding-x: 0;
$breadcrumb-bg: none;

$h1-font-size:                $font-size-base * 1.5 !default;
$h2-font-size:                $font-size-base * 1.4 !default;
$h3-font-size:                $font-size-base * 1.3 !default;
$h4-font-size:                $font-size-base * 1.2 !default;
$h5-font-size:                $font-size-base * 1.10 !default;
$h6-font-size:                $font-size-base !default;

$grid-breakpoints: (
        xs: 0,
        sm: 576px,
        md: 768px,
        lg: 992px,
        xl: 1200px
) !default;

$container-max-widths: ( /* Always make the page as wide as possible, must be in ascending order */
        sm: 1200px,
        md: 1201px,
        lg: 1202px,
        xl: 1203px,
) !default;

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Last updated: Mar 20, 2024