Importing feedback, roadmap, and changelog items

Do you already have a list of feedback items, roadmap items, or changelog posts?

You can import these into ProductLift with ease from Excel or CSV.

How it works

  1. Prepare an Excel or CSV file with the items you want to upload (see below how it should look like)
  2. Upload in ProductLift
  3. Review and adjust
  4. Done
  • Uploads without a selected status will get the default status of your portal.
  • All posts created via this method will have the admin that uploads the items as the creator.
  • You can create posts also via the ProductLift API. This allows you to assign another creator, add comments, and votes.
  • You can upload max 100 posts in one go.

How to do it

1. Click Ideas and then Bulk add.

2. Click Import from file

3. A new area opens with the option to download the CSV or Excel templates to see how you should upload the items.

You can assign the status and a category if applicable. Use the number values mentioned at the bottom of the screen for this.

4. Prepare your load file. In Excel, this is how it should look like.

5. Upload your file and click the Upload file and review before importing button.

6. Review how ProductLift has read your file and make changes if needed (or reload the page and re-upload).

7. Click Add posts

Done. You have successfully added the posts and got the URLs to view them.