About changelogs

What is a changelog?

A changelog is a file (or document) in which product owners record notable changes made to their product. The term "changelog" originally comes from software development and is derived from "change log", but it's been applied to other kinds of projects, as well. For example, Wikipedia has a page that lists notable changes made each day to its content.

Why keep a changelog?

There are many reasons why you might want to include one with your main project:

  • To promote new features or bug fixes
  • To provide a way for users to quickly evaluate whether it's worth upgrading from an earlier release
  • To help people know about significant breaking API changes early on
  • To provide a way for potential users to assess whether the product is still maintained

Who needs a changelog?

Product managers, business owners, product owners, or anyone that wants to communicate product improvements to users and stakeholders need to have a changelog.