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Get your customers hooked on your product! Excite them with engaging updates throughout its lifecycle. ProductLift is the ultimate tool to help you achieve that.
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Updates on auto-pilot

Sit back, relax, and let ProductLift do the heavy lifting with updates on auto-pilot!

Say goodbye to the tedious task of sending individual emails to your customers about their requests!

With ProductLift, you can automatically update them on the status of their requests, keeping them in the loop and happy.

Plus, our transparency and updates will make your users love you even more!
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Email voters in one click

Send your voters an update. "We are planning this item in Q3", or "The feature is ready. You can test now!"

Give your customers an overview

Users have their profiles where they can see which ideas they follow.

Notifications in one place

Customers have an overview of all notifications inside ProductLift. They can easily see which ones are unread.