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All feature requests in one organized place

Say goodbye to scattered spreadsheets and disjointed communication.

With ProductLift, you can centralize all your feature requests in a single, organized place.

No more hunting through emails or tracking down feedback from different channels.

Our platform ensures you have an up-to-date list of feature requests, automatically detects and eliminates duplicates, and allows you to use vote on behalf to represent user preferences.

You can also easily keep track of feedback from various sources like Twitter using our "references" feature.

Let users add feature requests themselves

Empower your users and streamline your support processes by allowing them to create feature requests directly.

ProductLift enables users to submit their own feature requests without the need to contact your support team.

You can add a user-friendly sidebar to your app, making it convenient for users to suggest new features on the spot.

By eliminating the middleman, you can speed up the feedback collection process and ensure a seamless user experience.

Plus, users don't even need to log in to make feature requests, making it quick and hassle-free.
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Auto updates
Auto updates

Close the feedback loop

Engage and delight your users by keeping them informed throughout the product development journey.

With ProductLift's autopilot feature, users who vote for a particular feature suggestion can sign up to receive automatic email updates whenever there are updates or progress on that feature.

This proactive communication keeps users in the loop, strengthens their sense of involvement, and demonstrates your commitment to addressing their needs.

By delivering timely updates, you foster a loyal user base and enhance the overall user experience.
Centralize feedback

Home for feedback

Listen to your users. Let them create feature requests or vote on existing ones. Create a non-duplicate list on auto-pilot.

Ditch your spreadsheets and compile all feature requests in a single location.
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Build and share your roadmap

Get everyone on the same page with your product roadmap. Categorize approved features into a well-planned, organized list.

Structure how you like

Set it up however you like in columns or rows you design (for example, roadmap in months, quarters, or sprints)

Flexible design

Adjust your roadmap view to your liking. With votes, avatars, categories, short descriptions, etc.

What 300+ ProductLift users are saying

Hear from some of our fantastic customers who are building amazing products.
"I love ProductLift for its simplicity yet highly functional. The configuration is clear, and I could get the roadmap up within minutes."
Said Hasyim
Founder, BookSentry
"ProductLift really lifts the product. By giving others a chance to request and vote, you know what to do and what's hot as a product maker."
Robert de Groot
Head of Design, Venom
"Very simple yet powerful with integrations and intuitive functions. A very good product and very recommended."
Mohamed Labib Al Azzeh
IT Director, Elsewedy Academy

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What is ProductLift?

ProductLift is a prioritization, roadmap, and changelog tool for SaaS product managers, project managers, and marketing strategists. You can use it to upvote features, define a roadmap, and present product updates.

For who is ProductLift?

ProductLift is made for SaaS product managers, project managers, and marketing strategists, but you can use it for multiple use cases. The tool is hyper-flexible and has even been used to gather gyms' feedback.

How can ProductLift help me build better SaaS products?

As a product manager, you probably receive many feature requests (on forums, email, Facebook, etc.). You can enter them in Google Sheets, Trello, or Excel. However, it becomes quite a task to:

  1. Track who asked what feature
  2. See which features are crucial and which not
  3. Update customers regularly on their requests
  4. Inform everyone about new updates

You can bring everything together in ProductLift, and this helps you to:

  1. Have a total overview of requests on auto-pilot.
  2. Customers have an overview where they can track the status of their suggestions.
  3. Customers can vote so you can see what's important. Next to this, customers see that sometimes their idea isn't that good after all (if nobody else votes on their suggestion).
  4. You can send customers automatic status emails about requests and keep them engaged.
What is feature upvoting?

Feature upvoting is a great way to get your voice heard on what features you want to see on a product or website. By upvoting a feature, you essentially say that you would like to see that feature implemented. The more upvotes a feature gets, the more likely the company will take notice and implement the feature.

Why do you need this?

As a product manager, you don't have time to keep track of different feedback channels when prioritizing your backlog. You want one central repository where everyone can add suggestions and upvote the most valuable ones – including users, customers, and team members.

When building a greatproduct, it's vital to ensure that your features appeal to the needs of your target audience. Thoughtful customers, partners, designers, and developers have great ideas, so how do you decide which features are worth adding?

You must get direct feedback from your target audience to accurately assess market potential and customer interest around the features you're considering building into your product. ProductLift generates a visual report of the votes each feature request has received. This approach makes it easy for everyone involved in prioritizing requests to evaluate whether each is likely to be popular with customers once implemented.

How much does it cost to use ProductLift?

ProductLift pricing starts from $15 per month for 200 tracked users and 3 team members.

What if I don’t like it?

You can try ProductLift for free for 14 days. When you continue with ProductLift, you can go for a monthly contract and cancel each month.

Is ProductLift safe to use?

We take the security and privacy of your data on ProductLift very seriously. We understand the importance of keeping your data private and strive to keep it this way.

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Who is behind ProductLift?

This is a product from Ruben Buijs. Ruben employs a decade of consulting experience from Ernst & Young to maximize clients' ROI on new Tech developments. He advises companies to understand customers better and build the features that matter.

Is ProductLift GDPR proof?

ProductLift supports the GDPR and all ProductLift services comply with its provisions. Not only is the GDPR an important step in protecting the fundamental right of privacy for European citizens, it has raised the bar for data protection, security and compliance in the industry.

On our Legal page, you can find our Data Processing Agreement, Privacy Statement, and more security information.

Can I use it both internally and publicly?

Yes, each portal can be private or public. You can use it internally for you and your team, share it with logged-in users, or with everyone in public.

You can also configure each tab as public or private (e.g., declined or in-review features).

Robust Feature Request Management Platform

Our comprehensive feature request management software provides you with the necessary tools to effectively track, manage, and prioritize feature requests. With our feature request tracking software, you can easily collect, organize, and analyze user suggestions, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of what your customers want. Our feature request software streamlines the entire process, allowing you to efficiently evaluate and implement the most impactful features.

Additionally, our feature upvote software enables users to voice their support for specific features, giving you valuable insights into the preferences and priorities of your user base. This feedback-driven approach empowers you to make informed product decisions that align with the needs and desires of your customers.

Our feature request management tool offers a user-friendly platform where you can effortlessly handle all aspects of feature requests. From tracking and categorizing requests to assigning and monitoring their progress, our tool ensures that no valuable idea gets lost in the shuffle. You can customize the platform to fit your unique workflow and collaborate with your team seamlessly.

Whether you are a software development company, a product manager, or a SaaS startup, our feature request tracking tool provides an effective solution to manage customer feedback and turn it into actionable insights. With our intuitive feature request tool, you can prioritize features, communicate updates to your users, and keep them engaged throughout the development process.

We offer a robust feature request management platform that integrates smoothly into your existing systems and workflows. Our platform allows you to consolidate all feature requests from multiple channels into a centralized hub, eliminating the need for manual data collection and reducing the risk of overlooking important customer feedback.

With our feature request management solution, you can streamline your product development lifecycle, improve customer satisfaction, and deliver impactful features that resonate with your user base. Our feature request tracking solution empowers you to make data-driven decisions and prioritize features based on user demand.

Our feature request management system offers a comprehensive suite of features to handle all aspects of the request lifecycle. From capturing initial ideas to evaluating feasibility, implementing, and communicating updates, our system provides a seamless experience for both your team and your users.

Our feature request management application offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to submit feature requests and track their progress. With our application, you can foster a sense of transparency and engagement, keeping your users informed and involved throughout the entire process.

Experience the power of our feature upvote application, which allows users to express their preferences and vote for the features they find most valuable. This user-driven approach enables you to gauge the popularity and demand for different features, guiding your product roadmap effectively.

Discover the benefits of our feature request management suite, which combines all the essential tools and functionalities to streamline your feature request process. From tracking and prioritizing requests to collaborating with your team and engaging with your user community, our suite provides a comprehensive solution for effective feature management.

Choose our feature upvote suite to harness the collective wisdom of your user base. By enabling users to upvote their preferred features, you can identify the most desired enhancements and prioritize them accordingly.

Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of our feature request management software suite today, and unlock the potential to build a product that truly meets the needs and expectations of your customers.