Creating posts

What are posts?

Posts are content shared on ProductLift by a user, and you should see them as pieces of work such as a feature or a bug.

Posts can be from various sources. Commonly they can be created by a user of your software.

Each post has a status, for example, planned. The status is connected to a tab, for example, a roadmap.

Posts can have comments, attachments, references, votes, internal comments, and more information.

Methods to create posts

  1. Bulk create
  2. Import from file
  3. Feedback process
  4. Create via API

Bulk create

Add one or multiples posts in one go. Posts will be created on your behalf.
Ideas > Bulk add

Import from file

Importing posts from a CSV or Excel file.
Go to Ideas > Bulk add. Then click at the bottom on Import from file and follow the steps.

Feedback process

You can follow the regular feedback / post creation process that users follow.
For this, go to: Ideas > Add.

Create via API

You can use our ProductLift API to create posts programmatically.

Feedback Questions

Last updated: Mar 13, 2024