Vote on behalf of your customer

This feature allows you to vote on behalf of your customer. It is helpful for you:

  • in case you are receiving feedback via several channels (such as email, calls, messages, WhatsApp) that you want to keep track of in ProductLift.
  • if you want to keep your ProductLift portal private, you can gather customer votes without sending invites.

Step 1. Vote on behalf button

Start by selecting the post your customer requested to vote for. There you'll find the "vote on behalf" button.

Step 2. Link the vote to your customer

Add the vote of your customer by entering their email or name. Their account will automatically show up.

Select the account and vote.

If the account is not showing up, the person has no account or is not invited yet. In that case, you will have to send an invite to this person.

Step 3. Ready

The vote is completed and is added to your list of "voters & followers".