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Gather feedback

Collect all product feedback in one place.


Understand feedback you must act upon and why.

Plan roadmap

Prioritize and build your product roadmap.

Announce updates

Share progress and updates with everyone.

Who ProductLift

Gather insights and feedback for product development, prioritize features, and plan product roadmaps effectively.
Use direct customer interactions to gather meaningful feedback, ensuring customer voices are heard and acted upon.
Align marketing strategies and campaigns with customer feedback and product development directions.
Leverage customer insights and product roadmaps to manage client expectations and tailor sales strategies.


"I loved everything about it! The user interface, the way it lays out is so amazing. Down to internal notes, attachments, and just simply works for us and our company."

CEO at Indema

Save hours with our scalable product feedback software



Manually creating spreadsheets with suggestions.

With ProductLift

With ProductLift

Automatically gather all feedback in a single location.


Prioritizing roadmap items based on gut feeling.

With ProductLift

Utilize data and insights to prioritize your roadmap.


Have no roadmap or a roadmap in Trello.

With ProductLift

Have a professional roadmap in your branding.


Search emails who to notify on new feature.

With ProductLift

Notify voters in one click.


Reply "I have shared it with the dev team".

With ProductLift

Reply "Here is a link where you can track progress. We will automatically keep you updated.".

Your complete product feedback management platform

Gather user feedback

Collect all customer feedback in one place

Say goodbye to scattered spreadsheets and disjointed communication.

Centralize product feedback in one hub.

Feedback from your customers, users, marketing, sales, dev team - all in one place.

Eliminate the chaos of multiple sources. Ensure every piece of input is captured and ready.

Analyze customer feedback

Understand product feedback you must act upon and why

Dig into feedback that's guided by data. Sort it based on what users think is important and what meets your business needs. Then, pick the best feedback to work on with your team.

Flexible criteria

Choose which criteria you want to use to prioritize your features.

Prioritization matrix

The Prioritization Matrix helps you understand which features are beneficial to build.

Plan roadmap

Prioritize and build your product roadmap

Turn feedback into roadmaps seamlessly. You remain in control, choosing what to include and what to exclude. Ensure that your product always aligns with both user voice and your vision.

Customizable roadmap design

Choose your layout—months, quarters, or sprints—and customize the view with votes, avatars, categories, and concise descriptions.

Drag and drop

Easily adjust your roadmap with a simple drag-and-drop feature, streamlining project planning and updates.

Screenshot ProductLift

Announce updates

Share progress and updates with everyone

Close the customer feedback loop with one click.

Keep customers consistently informed about the changes and improvements being made based on their feedback.

Update them about changes on auto-pilot.

Cultivate trust and a sense of community.


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Integrates with your workflow

ProductLift integrates with the tools you already use.


Sync customer feedback with Jira issues.


Receive activity updates in your Slack channel.

Amazon SES

Send emails via your Amazon SES account.


Build a supercharged integration with your product.


Receive webhooks from ProductLift after events.


Send emails via your Mailgun account.

Pabbly Connect

Connect ProductLift with over 1,500 apps.

Google Analytics

Track user interactions and traffic on ProductLift seamlessly with Google Analytics integration.

Google Tag Manager

Easily manage and deploy tracking codes on ProductLift by integrating Google Tag Manager.


Everything you desire in a product feedback tool

(and more)

Feedback Summary

Generates summaries of feedback for quick insights, helping prioritize action items.

Sentiment Analysis

Utilizes sentiment analysis to gauge the emotional tone behind feedback, aiding in understanding user sentiments.

Prioritization Matrix

Features a prioritization matrix, aiding in decision-making and feedback implementation planning.

Merge and Split Posts

Merge and split posts for better feedback management and organization.

Custom Statuses

Supports custom statuses, enhancing flexibility in tracking feedback and development stages.

User Profiles

Customers have their profiles where they can see which posts they follow.

Internal Comments

Enables internal comments, facilitating team discussions and collaboration on feedback.

Duplicate Detection

ProductLift notifies your customers if other posts seem similar.



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starstarstarstarstar 4.9 / 5 on Capterra and G2