From Fastpages to Faster Product Development: How ProductLift Helped Streamline the Process

Ruben Buijs
Ruben Buijs
May 3, 2023
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From Fastpages to Faster Product Development: How ProductLift Helped Streamline the Process

Fastpages is like a thrilling roller coaster ride where you can create landing pages, pop-ups, and interactive funnels without needing a tech expert. But what if we told you that the ride just got even more fun with ProductLift?

ProductLift is like the theme park map that shows you all the exciting attractions and lets you plan your route. With ProductLift, Fastpages can prioritize features, create a roadmap, and keep its users and team members updated on new developments.

But it's not just a boring map. Fastpages has made it an interactive experience with a wishlist where users can submit feature requests, and based on user votes, the best ones rise to the top. It's like a popularity contest where the most requested features get priority.

And what's more exciting than getting feedback from users? Fastpages has captured over 800 votes from users on ProductLift, making the product development process even more engaging. They've also added a changelog called "completed," where they keep track of all the new features and updates they've made. It's like a trophy wall where you can see all the accomplishments.

The roadmap is where the real fun begins. It's like a sneak peek into what's coming next in the park. Fastpages displays all the upcoming features, including AB testing and Pabbly integration, and users can't wait to try them out.

ProductLift has made the product development process more engaging and fun for Fastpages and its users. It's like the theme park ride that you never want to end. With ProductLift, Fastpages can keep its users happy and create an exciting product that meets their needs.

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