How ProductLift Helped Merch Dominator's 80k Users Prioritize Features and Keep Up with Updates

Ruben Buijs
Ruben Buijs
May 3, 2023
How ProductLift Helped Merch Dominator's 80k Users Prioritize Features and Keep Up with Updates

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Once upon a time, an Entrepreneur and Youtuber Mr Addie was struggling to find the right keywords and designs to sell on Amazon Merch On Demand. That is, until he and his team build the magic of Merch Dominator - a free tool that helped them dominate the Amazon merch game. With currently 80,000 users on board, it was clear that Merch Dominator was a hit.

But then, they realized that they needed to up their game even more. They needed a tool that would help them streamline their product development process and prioritize their features like true pros. Enter: ProductLift. This all-in-one tool was the answer to their prayers, designed specifically for SaaS product managers, project managers, and marketing strategists who want to keep their product development on point.

And boy, did it work! With over 57,000 users hopping on via single sign-on and more than 1,200 votes coming in each month, ProductLift was a game-changer for Merch Dominator. They created roadmaps, prioritized features, and kept their users in the loop with product updates, all with the help of one nifty tool.

So if you're ready to take your product development to the next level, follow in the footsteps of these Merch Dominator pros and give ProductLift a spin. Who knows? You might end up dominating your own corner of the internet.

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