ProductLift API

You can use our ProductLift API to integrate ProductLift with other services smoothly.

What you can do with the API:


  • List all users
  • Find users
  • Create new users and set a password
  • Invite users (use the create function)
  • Retrieve users
  • Update users
  • Delete users (and created data)


  • List posts
  • Create post
  • Retrieve post
  • Update post
  • Delete post


  • List votes of a post
  • Vote
  • Revoke vote


  • List categories
  • Create category
  • Update category
  • Delete category


  • List statuses


  • Retrieve portal information

We are working on adding more API functions.

API Token

Before you start, you need to create an API token.
You can create an API token by visiting your portal and go to Customize > API & Webhooks.

API documentation

Here you can read our technical documentation and see examples of how to work with our API:

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Last updated: Mar 13, 2024