What is a Customer Advisory Board?

Ruben Buijs

Founder & Digital Consultant

Written on Aug 8, 2023

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Product Management

A Customer Advisory Board (CAB) is a group of selected customers who provide feedback, insights, and guidance to a company regarding its products or services. It serves as a valuable resource for product managers to gain a deeper understanding of their customers' needs, preferences, and challenges.

Examples of Customer Advisory Boards

Many renowned companies have successfully implemented Customer Advisory Boards. For instance:

  • TechCo: TechCo formed a Customer Advisory Board comprising influential customers from various industries. They meet quarterly to discuss upcoming product features, provide feedback on prototypes, and share their experiences to shape the company's product roadmap.
  • FashionBrand: FashionBrand hosts regular virtual meetings with their Customer Advisory Board, which consists of dedicated customers who provide insights on fashion trends, preferences, and suggestions for new product lines.

Importance of Customer Advisory Boards

Customer Advisory Boards play a crucial role in product management by offering several benefits:

  1. Customer Insights: CABs provide firsthand insights into customers' needs, pain points, and expectations. This enables product managers to align their strategies and prioritize features that will meet customers' requirements effectively.
  2. Product Validation: CAB members act as a sounding board for new product ideas, prototypes, or enhancements. Their feedback helps validate the viability, value, and market fit of potential offerings before investing significant resources.
  3. Strategic Guidance: By collaborating with CABs, product managers can gain strategic guidance and industry-specific knowledge from experienced customers. This helps in making informed decisions and staying ahead of market trends.
  4. Customer Engagement: Involving customers in the product development process through CABs fosters a sense of ownership and loyalty. It strengthens the relationship between the company and its customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

How to Use a Customer Advisory Board

To effectively utilize a Customer Advisory Board, consider the following steps:

1. Identify Key Objectives and Goals

Clearly define the objectives and goals you aim to achieve through the Customer Advisory Board. Whether it's gaining customer insights, validating product ideas, or improving customer satisfaction, having a clear focus will guide your interactions with the CAB.

2. Select the Right Members

Carefully select CAB members who represent a diverse range of customers, including different industries, demographics, and product usage. Aim for a balanced mix of loyal customers, early adopters, and influential voices to ensure comprehensive feedback.

3. Establish a Cadence for Meetings

Determine the frequency and format of CAB meetings based on the availability and preferences of the members. Virtual meetings, in-person gatherings, or a combination of both can be utilized to ensure active participation and engagement.

4. Prepare and Share Agendas

Prior to each CAB meeting, create a well-defined agenda outlining the topics to be discussed. Share it with the members in advance to allow them time for preparation. This ensures productive and focused discussions during the meeting.

5. Engage in Open and Transparent Communication

Encourage open and honest conversations during CAB meetings. Create a safe environment where members feel comfortable sharing their opinions, ideas, and concerns. Actively listen to their feedback and address their questions or issues promptly.

6. Act on Feedback

Utilize the insights and recommendations provided by CAB members to drive product improvements. Share updates on how their feedback has influenced product decisions, demonstrating that their input is valued and appreciated.

Useful Tips for Customer Advisory Boards

Here are some useful tips to maximize the effectiveness of your Customer Advisory Board:

  • Maintain Regular Communication: Stay in touch with CAB members between meetings to keep them informed about product updates, seek their opinions on specific topics, or share relevant industry news.
  • Provide Exclusive Benefits: Offer exclusive benefits or incentives to CAB members, such as early access to new features, discounts, or special events. This enhances their sense of importance and motivates active participation.
  • Rotate Members Periodically: To ensure fresh perspectives and prevent groupthink, periodically rotate CAB members, allowing new customers to join while honoring the contributions of long-standing members.
  • Leverage Technology: Utilize collaboration tools, online forums, or virtual platforms to facilitate ongoing communication and engagement between CAB members. This enables broader participation and eliminates geographical constraints.


A Customer Advisory Board is a group of selected customers who provide feedback and advice to a company regarding its products and services.
A Customer Advisory Board is important because it allows companies to gain valuable insights from their most loyal customers, helping them improve their products and better meet customer needs.
Members for a Customer Advisory Board are typically selected based on their level of engagement, their expertise, and their representation of various customer segments.
Joining a Customer Advisory Board allows customers to have a direct influence on product development, gain early access to new features, and build a closer relationship with the company.
The frequency of Customer Advisory Board meetings can vary, but they typically meet quarterly or biannually to discuss product updates, provide feedback, and engage in strategic discussions.
Customer Advisory Boards are usually invitation-only, and companies select customers who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the brand and a willingness to provide constructive feedback.
The role of a Customer Advisory Board member is to actively participate in meetings, provide honest feedback, share experiences, and collaborate with the company to shape future product strategies.
Customer Advisory Board terms typically last for a year or two, allowing for a rotation of members and the inclusion of fresh perspectives.
The feedback provided by a Customer Advisory Board is carefully considered by the company and used to make informed decisions about product improvements, enhancements, and strategic directions.
Yes, Customer Advisory Board members often become brand ambassadors as they develop a deeper understanding of the company's products and services, and advocate for them within their own networks.

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