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Customer Case: Boei

Ruben Buijs

Founder & Digital Consultant

Written on Jun 29, 2023

Updated on Mar 13, 2024

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What they wanted

Boei is a friendly leadwidget that helps to convert website visitors to leads, e.g. with contact form, WhatsApp, and FB chat. With a Leadwidget you always show the most important buttons of your website (like a WhatsApp button). Boei gets a lot of feedback from Twitter, email, Facebook, and Whatsapp.

Boei wanted to centralize user feedback and allow users to provide feedback without overburdening customer support. They aimed to prioritize work, gather user feedback, and involve users in decision-making.

What they said

We love to be able to prioritize new developments based on user feedback. We know exactly what users believe is important and we help that for our decision making.

What we did

ProductLift has become an integral part of Boei's product development process, offering a range of features that enhance collaboration, prioritize work, and keep everyone up-to-date.

With features like the sidebar widget, prioritization matrix, and transparent update emails, Boei achieved engagement and alignment with user needs. The seamless Single Sign-On integration made participation effortless.

Gathered all feature requests in one organized place

Boei empowers its users by giving them the opportunity to suggest, vote, and comment on the wish list. This democratic approach ensures that the most popular and highly requested features are given priority, aligning the product development roadmap with the needs and desires of the user community.

By involving users in the decision-making process, Boei can enhance their product in a way that resonates with their target audience, leading to higher satisfaction and adoption rates.


Prioritized the roadmap

The prioritization matrix in ProductLift was a game-changer for Boei. With all feature requests consolidated into a single list, along with all customer data available, the Boei team can easily assess the popularity and importance of each feature.

The matrix helps them identify the features that have the highest impact and align with their strategic goals, enabling them to focus their efforts on the most valuable enhancements for their users.


This helped the product manager to make the Boei roadmap.


Closed the feedback loop

Users who upvoted a particular feature are directly informed about the progress and can start using the feature as soon as it becomes available. It's a win-win situation that keeps the users excited and engaged while ensuring that their voices are heard throughout the product development journey.

Each feature in the wishlist comes with a list of all the upvoters. This allows the Boei team to send automatic update emails about the progress and development of those features.


Seamless within their product

Boei uses the sidebar feature from ProductLift. The sidebar widget showcases what's new, keeping users informed and engaged with the latest updates and enhancements.

It also enables users to request new features effortlessly, without leaving the Boei app.

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Another major advantage for Boei is the seamless integration of Single Sign-On (SSO) with ProductLift.

Boei users are automatically logged into ProductLift without the need to create a separate account. This streamlined approach makes it even easier for users to participate in the product development process, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience while actively shaping the future of Boei's product.

What we achieved

ProductLift brought excitement and efficiency to Boei's product development, ensuring they built features that mattered most to users.

With 1600+ votes on 350 features, Boei is constantly receiving valuable feedback from their users, and they're loving every minute of it!

So, if you're looking to add a little fun and excitement to your product development process, follow in Boei's footsteps and give ProductLift a try! Who said product development had to be boring anyway?

Article by

Ruben Buijs

Ruben is the founder of ProductLift. I employ a decade of consulting experience from Ernst & Young to maximize clients' ROI on new Tech developments. I now help companies build better products

Table of contents

  1. What they wanted
  2. What they said
  3. What we did
  4. What we achieved

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